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OnePlus 7T Pro Black Marble Impact Skin
OnePlus 7T Pro Black Titanium Impact Skin
OnePlus 7T Pro Carbon Fiber Black Impact Skin
OnePlus 7T Pro Concrete Impact Skin
OnePlus 7T Pro Matte Black Impact Skin
OnePlus 7T Pro White Marble Impact Skin
OnePlus 7T Pro Black Camo Impact Skin

Impact Skin for OnePlus 7T Pro

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Rs. 1,199.00
  • Premium Finishes : We use only dual cast vinyl films from established manufacturers that are durable enough for outdoor applications. Our textured finishes are curated to complement the devices we support.
  • Precisely Cut : Our design team creates skin templates from accurate device drawings, and then tests prototypes rigorously for a superior fit.
  • Fingerprint Free: Got a fancy new glass-backed phone? You’d pretty soon realise that it is a fingerprint magnet. Thankfully our skins aren’t, so you can say goodbye to prints or oily smudges.
  • Scratch Resistant: RhinoShield Impact Skins are tough. Don’t want scratches or scuffs on the surface of your phone? Slap on our skin for scratch resistance against everyday objects like keys and coins.
  • Charge Wirelessly: Our skins may cover up your phone surface but they won’t block your ability to charge wirelessly. Just make sure you have a phone that supports the function!
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It is different what i expected.it is excellent and there is no scratch at the back of mobile