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Apple watch series 7/8 Gray 41 MM crashguard NX Navy Blue colour
Apple watch series 7/8 Gray 41 MM crashguard NX Sand Beige colour

RHINOSHIELD CrashGuard NX for Apple Watch - Series 7 / 8 (41mm)

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Rs. 1,240.00
  • Honeycomb Structure: A hexagonal pattern lines the inner surfaces of our case, improving shock absorption by up to 10%
  • Military Grade Protection: Our proprietary ShockSpread material provides impact protection of 11 feet (3.5m), despite being 20% thinner than other cases that offer a similar level of protection.
  • Next Level Customization: More rim and button colors have been added to our selection for greater customization possibilities. There are now also special pre-installed color combinations to choose from.
  • Converts to Standard Case: The CrashGuard NX frame is compatible with Mod NX backplates, which means you can remove the rim and install a backplate to turn your bumper into a standard case with a back. Mod NX backplates are sold separately.
  • Exceeds Military Standards: Surpasses US military drop-test standard (MIL-STD 810G), absorbs the impact of over 11 feet
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