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iPhone 12 Mini Black MOD NX
iPhone 12 Mini Blush Pink MOD NX
iPhone 12 Mini Camo Green MOD NX
iPhone 12 Mini Graphite MOD NX
iPhone 12 Mini Lavender MOD NX
iPhone 12 Mini Platinum Gray MOD NX
iPhone 12 Mini Red MOD NX
iPhone 12 Mini Royal Blue MOD NX
iPhone 12 Mini White MOD NX
iPhone 12 Mini Yellow MOD NX
iPhone 12 Mini Navy Blue MOD NX
iPhone 12 Mini Mint Green MOD NX

MOD NX for iPhone 12 Mini

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Rs. 2,499.00
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
The best iPhone case there is

The title says it all! The case is really great and adds some much needed grip to my 12 mini. The color of the bumper is really nice and prominent. The material is very sturdy as well. The polycarbonate back is however a fingerprint magnet and gets scratched easily. Even though the scratches aren’t easily visible by an onlooker, it’s still something to watch out for. The case fits really snugly onto the phone which both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a pro because the close fit would keep dust and debris away from getting inside the case, and it’s a con because taking the case off and putting it back on is a hassle at first. Still a great case overall. Definitely recommended.

Pratik Kathe
Great Product

Good protection and high quality material.

Krishnav Mohan
wonderful product

best in segment

Minaj Jamadar
Perfect Fitting

Gives excellent protection

Akul Jain
Value for money

This case is a value for money for just coming at Rs 1800 and the quality of the products is just amazingly superior