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iPhone XR/ 11 Transparent 3D Impact Screen Protector
3D Impact Screen Protector for iPhone XR/ 11
iPhone XR/ 11 3D Impact Screen Protector Hamper Test
iPhone XR/ 11 3D Impact Screen Protector Full 3D Curved Coverage
iPhone XR/ 11 3D Impact Screen Protector
iPhone XR/ 11 Privacy 3D Impact Screen Protector

3D Impact Screen Protector for iPhone XR/ 11

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The 3D curved edges are contoured to the device for a seamless look and a wider protected area. The protector withstands knock after knock without itself cracking. No more added hassle and cost from replacing protectors.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mridul Gopalia
3d impact screen

I’ll be honest it is by far the most toughest screen protector I have ever seen
Dropped it twice from 6ft but nothing happened
Satisfied 😊😊

Kishore Ganjir
GOT A NEW iPHONE? SIMPLY GO FOR THIS SCREEN PROTECTOR. Don't Waste a penny on local screen protec...

After almost wasting Rs. 1000 on local screen protectors, I ordered this one from Rhinoshield. It's simply the best if u r looking for ultimate protection. I had an earlier experience with Asus Zenfone 5Z back glass protector which was installed since 2018 and still rocking. The phone dropped so many times, but nothing happened to phone's glass back.
The installation for iPhone was so easy with the provided frame with zero bubbles and perfect fit. My kid dropped the phone many times but screen has no damage. Infact the screen protector did not get any crack till now. Hoping that this screen protector lasts like iOS updates (4-5 years ;) ) Thanks RHINOSHIELD!!