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Impact Skin

The most advanced skin for your device is here. The only impact resistant
skin on the market combines our signature RhinoShield protective
technology with premium textured finishes.

RhinoShield™ Impact Resistant Technology

RhinoShield Impact Skin provides impact protection for most everyday knocks.
It absorbs 5 times more impact energy than Gorilla Glass 3,
and leaves other protective films in the dust.

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Fingerprint Free

Got a fancy new glass-backed phone? You’d pretty soon realise that it is a fingerprint magnet. Thankfully our skins aren’t, so you can say goodbye to prints or oily smudges.

Scratch Resistant

RhinoShield Impact Skins are tough. Don’t want scratches or scuffs on the surface of your phone? Slap on our skin for scratch resistance against everyday objects like keys and coins. Note: Areas with cut-outs – like the camera housing – are exposed and may still be scratched.

Charge Wirelessly

Our skins may cover up your phone surface but they won’t block your ability to charge wirelessly. Just make sure you have a phone that supports the function!

Easy to Install

Our templates are specially designed to make installation easy, not something that takes hours of practice and multiple failed attempts to get right.


About the Impact Skin

The Impact Skin is our line of back skins that are made specifically for our cases. It provides impact resistance and dampening for knocks & drops and also absorbs 5 times more impact energy than Gorilla Glass 3, and leaves other protective films in the dust.

It is made with dual cast vinyl films from established manufacturers and its textured finishes are curated to complement the devices we support!

If you haven't watched our trailer for the Impact Skin yet, why not take a look at it here!

Can I re-apply the Impact Skins?

If your first attempt with our Impact Skins didn't work out very well, don't worry, you can slowly peel the Impact Skin off and retry your attempts once more as long as the Impact Skin was not creased or bent in any way! 

Most users were able to get it on, but slightly misaligned, and the second try turned out perfect! If you would like more visual guidance on how to apply the Impact Skin, check out our video tutorial right here!

Will the Impact Skins leave behind any residue?

Nope, the adhesives of our Impact Skins will not leave any form of stickiness or mark when it is taken off your device! 

Will you be making Impact Skins for my device?

Glad you asked! We've released a bunch of skins for various phone models. You can confirm whether there is a skin for your device by heading to our Impact Skin product page on our official website. Once you've navigated to the page, you can follow the image above and click the drop down tab to see whether your device is supported. 

If not, please let us know about it by clicking on "Don't See Your Device? Click Here" to let us know about it and we will have it forwarded to our design team!

What makes your Impact Skins different from the rest?

Most skins out there in the market provides some protection against most scratches and knocks, apart from their aesthetics, they are simply back protectors with designs.

Our Impact Skins on on the other hand, offers a thicker layer of protection against impacts and drops! We've taken some of the technology of our Impact Protector and created a skin that offers both aesthetics and protection!