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Mod NX

The super tough fully customizable case

Change is in the air

RhinoShield Mod NX™ gives you the flexibility of switching backplates to suit the season or occasion. Pop out a backplate and replace it with a rim and you’ve got a bumper case. Top it off by adding a hint of color by swapping out the buttons. Mod NX in standard case mode also works with our RhinoShield add-on lenses.

Changeable Backplates

All MOD-NX cases comes with
a transparent back plate.

Build Your
Mod NX

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Selected Base Bundle Includes: (Clear Back Plate)
absorbs over 11 feet(3.5M) of impact
  • Exceeds Military Standards
    Surpasses US military drop test standard (MIL-STD 810G), absorbs impact of over 11 feet
  • Honeycomb Structure
    A hexagonal pattern lines the inner surfaces of our case, improving shock absorption by up to 10%

Tough yet flexible

Our ShockSpread™ material is super tough, making it incredibly difficult to break. This is because the material is able to resist larger forces. This same property means the case provides a tight fit, preventing your phone from falling out during impact.

However, for a strong material, ShockSpread™ is surprisingly flexible. This means that the case bends slightly for easier installation, without permanent loosening.


Barely there

RhinoShield cases are among the thinnest and lightest protective cases you can find. ShockSpread™ reduces overall volume by 40% and overall thickness by 22%. Our cases weigh an average of 30g – equivalent to a AA battery – or half that if using a bumper.


Better for you

We have formulated the new material with your health and safety in mind. Our latest cases have been independently tested and meet the US FDA food-grade standards.

They also contain no BPA, BPS or BPF – chemicals commonly used in plastics which have been linked to possible developmental issues in young children, as well as reproductive toxicity.



Can the Rim be used together with the Backplate on the Mod NX?

No. The Mod NX comes with two modes: Standard & Bumper Mode, which requires different components:

Standard case mode: Frame + Backplate + Buttons

Bumper case mode: Frame + Rim + Buttons

Are Mod NX components (frame, rim, backplate, buttons) compatible with the old (first-generation) Mod components?

Frame, Rim and Backplate

1. NX series backplates and rims are not compatible with first-generation Mod frames.

2. First-generation Mod backplates and rims are not compatible with NX series frames


Your buttons can be used with both systems as the NX Series buttons and first generation Mod buttons are the same.

Will there be gap / watermark on Mod NX?

There will be significant improvements on the fit for Mod NX. Due to the margin of error, we are not able to precisely prevent the gap / watermark from happening.

Does Mod NX have different installation/removal procedures than the Mod?

There is a difference in installation/removal methods with the Mod NX. For more information on the proper methods, please visit the link below.

Tutorial link

Support wireless charging?

Yes, the Mod NX will be compatible with wireless charging.

How do I clean my Mod NX?

You can clean the Mod NX Bumper and Backplate with water, wet wipes, non-alcohol based wipes or alcohol-free wipes.

Can I use the Mod NX backplate on the CrashGuard NX?

Yes. The backplates can be used on the CrashGuard NX as the locking mechanism is the same as Mod NX Frame. You will only need to remove the rim and install the backplate on.

Is Mod NX compatible with screen protectors?

The New Mod NX will be compatible with Tempered Glass Screen Protectors and Impact Protection Screen Protectors (Front & Back).
*Mod NX is NOT compatible with third-party Tempered Glass Back Protectors*

What is the difference between Mod and Mod NX?

The Mod NX is our updated version of Mod, a modular case system. The locking mechanism between frame and rim/backplate of Mod NX has been redesigned. This means that the frame, rim and backplate of the Mod NX differ structurally from the first-generation Mod, thus the components are not cross-compatible. The new design brings about several benefits, including a better fit. For more detailed information on the differences, please visit the link below!

Challenging the Limits of Modular Case - Mod NX

How protective is the backplate against scratches or drops?

The Mod NX backplate is scratch resistant. However, depending on the environment and user habit, it is still susceptible to cosmetic scratches. Due to the engineering and material choices made for the Mod NX backplate, impact energy directly absorbed by the backplate from drops are transferred to the frame of the Mod and dispersed by the ShockSpread technology.

Will there be Mod NX for Android devices?

At the moment, the Mod NX is not available for Android devices. However, we are looking into it.

The box says there should be a backplate inside, but there isn’t. Am I missing one?

If you ordered a backplate with a printed design as part of a Mod bundle (with frame), your backplate may be placed in its own package instead of in the box. That’s why the main box could have an empty backplate slot.

There is a film on the inside of the backplate, am I supposed to peel it off?

The Mod NX’s newly designed backplate has improved scratch resistant capabilities. This is