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RhinoShield - Screen Protector for iPhone X - Back Skin

RhinoShield - Screen Protector for iPhone X - Back Skin

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Perfectly compatible with iPhone X *(Not Edge to Edge, Not Glass Based)*


  • Brushed-metallic or transparent finish skin decal for your device's back.

  • Fingerprint Resistant oleophobic technology.

  • Protects phone against cosmetic scratches.

  • Slim profile with translucent finish.


Product contents
  • RhinoShield Translucent Back Skin


The RhinoShield  Back Skin for iPhone X is a new class of back film that complements the beauty of your device. This product of RhinoShield has been specially created with a translucent hairline-like finish so you can customize your phone without adding any thickness. This decal skin is easy to apply and leaves no residue when removed. RhinoShield Back Skin is not the same as RhinoShield Impact Resistant Screen Protector.

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Key Features

absorbs 5 times more impact

RhinoShield screen protector absorbs 5 times more impact energy than normal screen protectors, a RhinoShield signature feature. Get ready to be amazed once more as your phone takes drop after drop after drop and still look like it just came off the assembly line